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Matthias Miller
Multiply Your Strengths, CEO

My new business & leadership book is now in print! Buy a copy for another leader or friend and
a local nonprofit will receive 50% of the profits!

Here's why.

As I set out to write this book about collaboration and leadership, I experienced first hand the power of working together with others. Friends and colleagues invested many hours into this project and I would like to pass on the blessing.

Until December 22, I am giving 50% of all book profits to New Horizons Ministries, a local non-profit in Canon City, Colorado. 

This is your opportunity to share the book with other leaders, while at the same time blessing a nonprofit that is making a positive impact in Colorado!

Arlynn Miller

New Horizons Ministries, Executive Director

“Winning Together met me right where I was in many ways: too busy, distracted by the daily whirlwind, and frustrated by how my personal life was affected by the challenges I faced at work.

This parable communicated practical solutions to the problems that I was facing in a way that was easy to understand.

You will find yourself drawn in by the real-life challenges and the solutions that Jack found.

A great book on the journey to successful leadership.

About the Book
When Jack's father disappeared, he vowed to never be let down again. Years later, he'd built an auto repair shop with his grit, grind, and good sense. Despite his hard work, however, his business plateaued. His family began drifting away. Why couldn't he pull himself together?

Join Jack in this easy-to-read parable as he confronts the beliefs and behaviors that ensnared him in the whirlwind of life. Expect to walk away challenged, encouraged, and inspired with fresh insight into the daily challenges you face as a leader, business owner, or entrepreneur.

Already have the book and looking for your bonuses?