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My new business & leadership book is live on Amazon, but DO NOT BUY IT until later today. Here's why.

The message of this book is about the power of collaboration, and I want the launch of this book to communicate the message of the book. 

For far too long, I suffered from isolation and overwhelm. I want the days of isolated leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs to be over.

If we all wait to buy, we've got a great shot at hitting the Amazon bestseller list and reaching the most people with this message! I'm inviting you to join this mission.

What I Will Do

This book has already impacted the lives of leaders, and I believe it will continue to do so. Here's what I'm committing to:

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    I'm offering this book on Amazon Kindle for only $0.99. That's the lowest price I can sell it without giving it away!
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    I'm giving away bonus business resources to everyone who purchases these books. I've been asked to make these resources available, but I haven't done so until now.
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    I'm giving away 10 autographed print copies to people who will join me in this quest.

What You Can Do

To make the impact you and I were born to make, we can't do it alone. Here's where I'd like to invite you to help!

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    Sign up below to get a reminder to buy. You'll be entered into the drawing for your free autographed book (no purchase necessary).
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    Get two more bonus entries by sharing this page on Social Media. Be sure to tag Matthias Miller so we can track your entry.
  • Of course, buy the book for $0.99 when you get the reminder. Be sure to read it so you can experience that transformation yourself!

As a reminder, wait to buy this book until Thursday, September 27 from 12-3 PM Eastern. That's 11-2 Central, and 9-12 Pacific.​

If you're late, don't worry--buy it anyway! 🙂

Click the Button If You Have Facebook!

Just click the button, then take a minute to answer the questions by Messenger.

Later today, we'll send you a message when we launch. The Kindle copy will be yours for only $0.99!

Send a Text If You Don't Have Facebook!

Send a text to 719-888-2424 with your name and the code word "dream". One of our team members will acknowledge your text.

Later today, we'll send you a reminder when we launch. The Kindle copy will be yours for only $0.99!

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About the Book

When Jack's father disappeared, he vowed to never be let down again. Years later, he'd built an auto repair shop with his grit, grind, and good sense. Despite his hard work, however, his business plateaued. His family began drifting away. Why couldn't he pull himself together?

Join Jack in this easy-to-read parable as he confronts the beliefs and behaviors that ensnared him in the whirlwind of life. Expect to walk away challenged, encouraged, and inspired with fresh insight into the daily challenges you face as a leader, business owner, or entrepreneur.

“Winning Together met me right where I was in many ways: too busy, distracted by the daily whirlwind, and frustrated by how my personal life was affected by the challenges I faced at work.

This parable communicated practical solutions to the problems that I was facing in a way that was easy to understand.

You will find yourself drawn in by the real-life challenges and the solutions that Jack found.

A great book on the journey to successful leadership.

Arlynn Miller, Executive Director, New Horizons Ministries


Reminder! MAXIMIZE Your Chances to Win!

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    Earn 1 entry by following the above instructions to get a reminder on Facebook or by text message.
  • Earn 2 additional entries by publicly sharing this page on social media. Tag Matthias Miller to secure your entry.

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Why are you doing this?

Well, I tried to explain it, but let me try again. 🙂 I want this book to change as many people's lives as possible, and I've set a goal for us to hit the Amazon best seller list. This will help get this message into as many people's hands as possible. That's why I'm inviting you to help me out. Kinda crazy, eh?

Will you spam me with messages?​

As promised, we'll send reminders, but no, we will NOT be spamming you!

Will I have to share something on my personal profile?​

No, you don't need to, but if you do, you'll have a better chance of winning an autographed copy!

Do I have to have a Kindle?​

Nope! Just buy it on Amazon and download the Kindle Reader. If you can't figure it out, just reach out to us--we'll make sure you get your book!

Sign up today!

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